Massage – Foot Reflexology

– This video demonstrates some foot reflexology concepts and some hand stretching techniques.

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  1. Oh yes I’ve reseached it and it has absolutely no scientic basis what so
    ever. It a complete load of bull!

  2. I love having my feet massaged or having a foot reflexogoly treatment Feels
    good on my feet and very relaxing.

  3. If places on the foot represent areas of the body, and massaging that area
    of the foot is supposed to help that part of the body, then what part of
    the foot do you massage to help the foot?

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  6. i watch massage and asmr videos to help myself fall asleep… all the
    giggling and un-professionalism within this video was a big dissapointment
    and a huge let-down. disliked. what part of the food do you rub for guilt?

  7. « And if someone is suffering from sore shoulders,sore neck, where would you
    suggest that they rub? » Hmm. I don’t know, how about starting with actual
    shoulders and neck.

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